Tales of Arnoria: The Moon's betrayal

session 2

We decided to head up to the mines. The journey was tough. after we reached the top we set up camp just above the mine opening. In the morning we discovered one of the entrance support beams had fallen. Tracks were all over, bipedal and drag marks. There was also signs of a struggle.

upon entering the mines the map to the place was carved into the wall. As Haslo recreated the map I moved off to explore the office. Inside I found a key, spilled inked, mining logs of what went out of the mines, and a hidden journal. We also saw some drawing of a large, god-like being and a few smaller beings as if in a state of worship. Some had large heads, others buldging eyes I took the journal back to the group. After a few quick entries about a new green mineral they found on the 3rd floor we moved on, stopping at some strange rock formations. After Balthazar poked it with his sword something exploded and nasty, disgusting goblins were there. After a cramped battle we managed to catch one. It seemed more frightened of something larger than of us. Haslo managed to speak with it before it slipped out of the barbarian’s hands and went through the floor. Through the mountain floor? Haslo picked up a set of goggles and after much examination, found an enchantment that allows earthwalking. No wonder we did not see the little buggers. The goggles also glowed green, which was very much like the eyes in the night.

We continued on, following the tracks down to the second level. It was there at the end of a corridor that we discovered a pantry of horrors. Men were lined up alone the back wall in various forms of decay. Some were still alive. We let the cleric stabilize those that could be. We were attacked again. Haslo and Bathazlar ran off, leaving me with the cleric and the dying. The cleric was more help then I could imagine. He ran down the hall to help me see another goblin attacking. After defeating them we left the stabilized wounded in a pile to keep warm and to rest as we went on.

Of course there had to be a rope bridge over a deep abyss. Of course that was the shortcut. Of course that is the way we took. And of course that is were we were attacked by damn goblins trying to cut the ropes! Haslo stunned Balthazar for a few moments and we had to jump over him. But he made up for it by kicking the stunned goblins off the edge. Easy. More goblins including a bloody spellcaster were waiting. Dolfhin went down as Haslo ran around a corner. I followed as the goblins were doing a lot of damage. After a few tense moments the barbarian came too and took them down. After they went down we healed up and decided to go warn the town of the green eyes. We grabbed a survivor and brought him with us.

After making it down the mountain without tumbling to our deaths we dropped off the man with the local cleric. Haslo. being the diplomatic one, revealed that we were not mining inspectors sent out by the state and that the cause of the green eyes and missing goods. We tried to get some townsmen to come up with us in the morning but none wanted to come. As expected in the night the goblins showed up and took crates of the green ore but luckily not any townsfolk. We had to go back there.

We went back up that troublesome mountains and tracked back to the place we left. I hated crossing that bridge again. With the knife cuts it was worse than before. We did make it across. As we made it across there was a loud noise, as if something had exploded. Down towards the end of the tunnel there was a blinking light. Funny, that was the area the records mentioned the green mineral. There was a whisper in undercommon and we decided to check it out.

After fighting some nasty goblins, we made it to the room. The room was round, with a pile of stones in the middle and a large vein of the green mineral. Crates of the ore littered the room, some open some still nail shut. Explosion! Three mites had ambushed us. Luckily that wizard comes in handy and stunned them. One fell to his death, the other two we picked off. By that time we noticed the pile of stones were gone.

Fucking elementals! We were ambushed again! In its anger it revealed a handful of the ore. Was this the source or was the the thing in the drawings? It smashed into our cleric. It disappeared then ambushed the poor cleric again. He went down. After a few shots it grabbed the cleric and disappeared. By that time we were injured, and worried. He was gone for a bit as I searched for a way to follow the cleric. No man goes behind. The goggles left on the bench were not finished and would be of little use. The stone element returned without the cleric. I can not remember what happened next, just darkness. I came to sore and gasping. The element was dead, the cleric nowhere to be seen. The element’s hand was removed to be brought back to the High Paladin.

We had decided to stop by the corridor where the dying men lay. Some we had tried to save from yesterday lay dead, others beyond saving and a few able to be rescued. We took three men who looked the most promising. The rest, I am sad to say, we put out of their misery. They were dying, help would not reach them in time, why prolong the suffering?

We returned to the town and helped the men to the church to the cleric. After two uneventful nights and no goblin attacks, the place was safer once again and we went back to the city, one member less, a hand full of green ore that may save more lives, and many questions.

Moon's Betrayal
Session One

Adventure log

Finally I have arrived at Ithki! I can not wait to see the Moon Lich! It was not an easy journey but I have arrived alive unlike our escort soldiers. Things were going fine. The caravan was small, with a few unnoteable people. We had both Ithki and Greenland guards. We were half a day’s journey from the city and camped for the night. We were to break at dawn and travel to the city. It was not until the hot sun was in my face did I stir. Has someone forgot to wake up. The Greenland guards were busy packing up rather quickly. A dwarf barbarian went to check on the Ithki guards to ask why our journey was delayed. The sight was shocking. The guards were not there. Blood soaked their bedrolls. Those damn Greenland guards were no help. They were in a hurry to get off.

The human caster realized the guards were packing something magical. Must have been bad, the men refused to show it. I was packing my things, watching the caster try to hand motion and talk his way to investigate. Rather nosy. After some tense moments the moment I was waiting for happened. a man drew his sword. A brute barbarian came to assist. When a barbarian gets involved words turn to blows. Yes, just had I guessed. It wasn’t long before the three guards pulled out their weapons. That was not fair! I had to step in. One got away and headed towards the city, but the other two we took down. Once the men were down the man, Haslo I think he said his name was, inspected the bags and found an amulet.

After some searching we found the bodies. They each had a slit in the throat. No wonder they could not scream.

Hoisting the dead bodies on the horses, we carried onwards to the city. Such an odd site to see! A dome covered the entire city! Imagine all the people inside, cut off from the outside
like that. The morning was forgotten as the sense of awe overwhelmed us. We had finally managed to obtain a ticket seller when the brute next to me asked bout having the honor of destroying the Lich. It as by that time the dead bodies with us were noticed. After a discussion and the returning of an amulet, we were received with open arms and taken to a classy inn. The Captain did not escort us, but the men who did was nice.

The city was extravagent, yet the absence of nature did not sit well with me. The gears spun and it was confusing. I had to close my eyes on the gear that took us up to the top. Dwarves were not made to fly! Once there we were taken to the Golden Falcon inn. Much beer and fun was to be had. The beds were comfortable. No soon than I had fallen asleep when Balthezer rudely woken me to meet with some high paladin. Apperently the ’meet me after the Lich burning" could not wait until morning.

The next few days I spent wandering around the market place (with the help of a guide of course). I did not find what I was looking for. But no matter for now, the Burning of the Lich was close.

The ritual itself was packed in a church. Once the clock hit midnight the Lich appeared on a stage. He had just raised his hand to moved to take a step when a beam of light engulfed him and he was confirmed to his hellish stone for another month. If the Lich wasn’t so evil I would feel bad for him.

After the church had cleared and the king and heirs were gone the high paladin met up with this. He informed us that they may have destroyed the Lich for good. The possible answer laid in the mines of Mordis, where strange stone lay. Haslo and Balthezer agreed to go and I decided to follow. Two men alone, handling something like this? They were men, and men had a habit of, well, being men. A woman was needed to make sure they did stick to the task.

Then a slender figure appeared. We had not seen him remain with us. Why was a butler with a high paladin? It wasn’t until the paladin address him that we realized the servant was the prince in disguise. Quite clever if you ask me.

We were give a few days until things were in order for travel. After a brillant idea that we were mine inspectors to not raise alarm and papers and a elf cleric were sent to us, we were off to Mordis.

The week was uneventful, and soon we came to the little mining village. Yet something was not right here. You can feel the despair and it seemed almost like a ghost town. There were green crater on the ground and the people seemed to be frightened. Haslo managed to ask around and found someone willing to share information. 250 men had gone up for a shift in the mines, mayor included, but none had come down when the shift was over. Then the things with the glowing green eyes the stole supply crated and took people away. Creepy. Since we were on the way to inspect the mines, we offered our services and headed up to the mountain.

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